World of Difference provides travellers of all ages with the opportunity to get directly involved in a variety of humanitarian projects that Rotary is working on throughout Cambodia and Laos.  Humanitarian experiences that allow our travellers to learn and help while being immersed in the lives and traditions of another culture.   

For a life experience that is second to none, why not join us on one of our scheduled tour adventures or have us tailor a private group tour that will specifically meet the needs and desires of your group.


Helping the people of Cambodia was a real eye opening and humbling experience for me. It made me really appreciate my life.

Teaching English and interacting with the children was a real highlight for me. I cannot wait to go back in the future and help some more!

- Kynon age18 



The World of Difference Tour experience was somewhat life changing for me. I have traveled extensively in both a professional sense as an educator and as a happy interested tourist, but the visit to the remote villages in Cambodia affected me deeply and inspired me to try to make a difference for children and help give them chances for better learning.

There really is a World of Difference between a developing country like Cambodia and my comfortable lifestyle, and seeing the possibilities for positive change in a safe, guided tour environment was amazing. I am still a happy interested tourist but enriched by my Rotary Tour experience!

Julie Mason



WOD gives an experience that changes you inside. To be able to see communities who live together and share the same life with no expectations makes you reassess what is truly important in life.  

On this trip to give is not to get back; it is to share in the feelings of extreme gratefulness.

Makayla 20


Traveling on a World of Difference (WOD) tour in January 2016 was a revelation to me. I had heard wonderful things about the work of WOD in Cambodia but nothing beats seeing it firsthand.

Visits to villages such as Chress, Bosalla and Kroa Boa revealed communities being sustainably transformed by better education, clean water supplies, improved health care and nutrition and by learning new skills to generate income.

This was all being made possible by the generous humanitarian work of individuals, Rotarians and the Rotary Foundation. As well as providing plenty of fascinating sightseeing and cultural experiences, the WOD tours offer opportunities for participants to donate goods and to volunteer their services, either skilled or unskilled,

Thanks to WOD, I learnt a lot about this impoverished country and how Rotary can work to help its various areas of need.

Murray Verso