Humanitarian Tours


Through “Humanitarian Tours”, World of Difference offers adults and older students, accompanied by a guardian a sightseeing tour led by an experienced Cambodian Rotarian that will take you beyond the experience that most traditional tours are able to offer.

World of Difference is able to take you to villages off the beaten track allowing you to activate your senses of sight, touch and feel.

“World of Difference” is part of Rotary International and is managed by Rotary District 9800. Rotary is a worldwide team of every day people that accomplish extraordinary outcomes because they choose to share their knowledge, skills, experience and time for the advancement of other communities.

World of Difference has a strong track record of working with Cambodians to break the cycle of poverty that has been thrust upon them through historical events. “Humanitarian Tours” allow you to be a tourist with a conscience because we add opportunities to participate in community building activities with Cambodians in Cambodia as part of your sightseeing adventures.

Humanitarian Tours are for 12 - 21 days depending on the tour

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Community Building Activities - Painting Playground

During the tour, participants help out to put the finishing touches to a current project, such as painting a water filter or planting vegetable seedlings.


What to expect:

You will see the extraordinary difference Rotarians make through sharing their skills, knowledge and experience in community building activities that are part of Cambodian communities building sustainable change. If you so choose, you can go beyond the boundaries and actually participate for a day or part of day in these projects. This participation will help you understand how easy it is for you to make a global difference.

Community building activities range from sitting with students and speaking in English to help them learn a new language, through knowledge transfer, explaining what something means or how it works or why it is done – body hygiene, sewing garments, servicing a pump, to skills transfer by showing how something is done, such as making a cake together, designing a footing for a toilet, treating a wound.

You might identify a new project opportunity for Rotary to consider and discover a passion to do more by joining a future “Working Together Tour” that World of Difference leads.


Tour Features:

Tour Features

  • Rotarian as the Group Tour Manager

  • A tour will generally be for 21 days duration

  • You will be a member of a tour group about 20 to 25 people

  • 80% of your time will be spent as a tourist and 20% on Community Building Activities 

  • Group accommodation at 3-4 stars is included

  • Flights to and from Cambodia are included at economy class and your tour cost would be adjusted. You could choose to self book flights to meet your personal preferences.

  • Meals, travel insurance and transfers between airport and accommodation in Cambodia are included

  • Some tourist attractions are included

Sustainable Community Projects:

WOD will provide you with the opportunity to get involved in humanitarian activities at many of Rotary’s award winning sustainable community projects. 

What to do next:

If you are interested in learning more about our Humanitarian Tours, please contact:

Barry Hickman

m. 0416 088 851,