Sponsor an Initiative


Can you imagine having to walk over 10 kilometres each way to school, with an empty tummy and no water to drink along the way?

There is a way to help school children without incurring administration fees…every dollar spent direct where you want it to go!

This is the situation for the 500 children in Bosala and Kroa Boa villages in Kampong Speu province, Cambodia. In the community there are 3 adults and no children who are literate in Cambodian. No one speaks or reads English. Through the Rotary project “World of Difference” tour participants have been inspired to help and a school is built. It opened in September 2015. We can help them using money direct from you to the children.

The children who will attend the school have desperately poor families who can’t afford to feed them, let alone equip them for school. Sponsorship will give them all the tools to attend school as well as breakfast each day. A bicycle, school uniform, backpack, shoes, books, pens as well as breakfast can be provided for as little as $25 per month. Every dollar is spent in Cambodia in directly purchasing the supplies and buying food.

Please consider helping by sponsoring the Children at the Bosala School. 

Sponsorship can continue to forge a special friendship with a class at the school and the huge satisfaction of knowing that you have given the gift of education.

Tax deductible receipts are available. CLICK HERE

You will receive information on the school and teachers. Each year sponsors will receive a drawing or letter from children at the school and are encouraged to form a pen pal friendship.