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Rotary is an organisation of ordinary people who do extraordinary things with the aim of making a difference. With all work being done by volunteers to ensure 100% of the money donated gets to the communities who need it most.

It has developed a wonderful relationship with the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh and prompted a local Cambodian to join Rotary. He is now integral to the success of World of Difference.


World of Difference (WOD) has been taking participants on combined cultural, donating and volunteering trips to Cambodia since November 2011.




A particularly important type of tour offered is a schoolies alternative experience. It has facilitated 14 Rotary Clubs to be involved their own projects in communities in Cambodia, and has changed the direction and focus of many younger adults who have just completed their secondary schooling.



Consider an alternative

project based volunteering

experience in Cambodia /Laos

during Schoolies Week.


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Our Guide in Cambodia |

Rithy Lay.

Our guide in Cambodia is Rithy Lay. Anyone who meets Rithy finds him an inspiration.

Orphaned at 4 years of age, a survivor of genocide by Cambodian dictator Pol Pot Khmer Rouge regime, Rithy is able to bring to the tour a first-hand insight into the plight of his people during and post Pol Pot’s tragic legacy. Having been raised by monks in a pagoda and then work as a professional tour guide at Cambodia’s spectacular Angkor Wat, Rithy understands Cambodia’s history, it’s rich culture and the Buddhist philosophy that is second to none.

Today Rithy juggles his time between running his families pig farm, raising a family, taking World of Difference tours and through the help of Rotary is managing projects that are helping to rebuild his nation, in part to repay the Buddhist monks who nurtured him.


Dedicated to change.

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Humanitarian Tours


Experience Cambodia in an authentic sense, while contributing and monitoring the progress of a variety of projects.

Travel through different locations meeting local Khmers and enjoying the history of natural beauty and culture.

Experience a sense of the on-going needs in Cambodia’s remote areas.

Time allocation is roughly proportioned into 80% as a tourist and 20% on Community Building Activities.


Off to school

with the

donated bikes.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Vocational Teacher Training Cambodia.jpg

Vocational Teaching Training Cambodia

We do have big plans for the future and hope to further develop a partnership with a teacher training institute in Kampong Speu.

The aim is to support the local people training the future teachers and humbly offer some ideas and teaching strategies that are seen as successful in our local schools in Victoria.

The Vocational Training Team of teachers are truly making a difference in the name of Rotary and with funds from The Rotary Foundation


Working Together Tour


Register for a Working Together Tour, where the focus is on the village and projects aligned to your skills /interests in education, health, water, sanitation, agriculture etc.


Our Team

Many initiatives have been put into place and many more need to be actioned before the village is completely self sustainable. 

Therefore a committee of Volunteers has been put into place to ensure these initiatives are met with on going humanitarian tours and child sponsorship for the 500 regular students in the village.




World of Difference tours are available to Rotarian's, non-Rotarian's, family groups, corporate groups, schoolies, university groups and schools who are looking for an exciting alternative to the World Challenge tours.

World of Difference offers a unique opportunity for students to challenge themselves and enrich their lives through humanitarian work, whilst exploring cultural diversity.

A World of Difference tour to Cambodia opens up a whole new world, offering insight and hands on experience, creating memories that have a lasting impact.

Upper Yarra Secondary College has so far participated in 3 tours of Cambodia with amazing results. Not only did our students return from Cambodia more opened minded and resilient, they returned with a new perspective on life and a desire to continue to make a difference to those less fortunate. A truly life changing experience not to be missed.

Bronwen Foley, School Teacher


upcoming tours

An action plan was put into place so that a village can be self sustaining. We have on going humanitarian tours and child sponsorship for the 500 regular students in the village. Importantly the tours build on the efforts of the previous tours, and projects can be monitored, repairs made or modifications adopted as necessary.


volunteer opportunities

During the tours we visit schools and village communities in desperate need of water filtration, crops, livestock and bicycles.  At the schools we undertake volunteering and donate school resources and clothing. 


make a donation

All proceeds are used back for Rotary International projects and of course with a focus on the project’s work in Cambodia. Donations are maximized because Rotarians voluntarily administer the project.