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Our guide in Cambodia is Rithy Ann. Anyone who meets Rithy finds him an inspiration.

Orphaned at 4 years of age, a survivor of genocide by Cambodian dictator Pol Pot Khmer Rouge regime, Rithy is able to bring to the tour a first-hand insight into the plight of his people during and post Pol Pot’s tragic legacy. Having been raised by monks in a pagoda and then work as a professional tour guide at Cambodia’s spectacular Angkor Wat, Rithy understands Cambodia’s history, it’s rich culture and the Buddhist philosophy that is second to none.

Today Rithy juggles his time between running his families pig farm, raising a family, taking World of Difference tours and through the help of Rotary is managing projects that are helping to rebuild his nation, in part to repay the Buddhist monks who nurtured him.




Rob is Chair of World of Difference. Through his extensive experience in the tourism industry he is very familiar with the geography and culture of South East Asia. Since his retirement he has dedicated himself to humanitarian projects in the region through his leadership of the International service committee of Rotary Central Melbourne. He has a particular interest in Laos where he has overseen numerous construction and renovation projects of primary schools in remote villages in the Luang Prabang Province.

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Barry Hickman


Barry is a tour leader, who has been travelling the world since he was 16 years of age.  Over the last 15 year’s Barry has been involved in and lead significant humanitarian projects that has seen him visit Vanuatu, East Timor, Western Samoa, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lesotho and Uganda.  It is through these experiences that Barry has witnessed first-hand how making a World of Difference in the lives of those who are living below the poverty line can make a World of Difference in the lives of those who are seeking to make a World of Difference.


Bronwyn Stephens

Bronwyn is the District 9800 Governor for the 2018-19 year and a founding member of World of Difference. It was through her energy and enthusiasm that World of Difference became the organisation it is today. She has led numerous humanitarian tours to Cambodia and in 2016 she led a Vocational Training Tour of 4 Australian teachers to Cambodia where they provided two four-day workshops for 160 Cambodian teachers.  Bronwyn is a retired nurse who volunteered throughout her career serving on the Australian Council of Hospital Standards (ACHS) as a surveyor and the Australian Credentialed Gastroenterology Nurses  (COGEN) as reprocessing educator, surveyor and board member. She continues to play an active role in World of Difference as a committee member, mentor and tour leader.




Paul is a “hands on” project manager with a passion for supporting other people to see and then achieve what is possible. Paul leads teams of volunteers into Cambodia to contribute their skills and experience to support specific projects led by Cambodians. Paul seeks to bring Rotary Clubs/Rotarians and other like minded community groups together as a solid network that share their experiences and learnings for the benefit of our global family.


These generous teachers who are giving up their holidays to go to Cambodia. 


Bronwen Foley
Matthew Scott
Louise Matthews
Audrey Bugeja
Linda Sok
Patimavanh Sourivong