About World of Difference...Rotary District 9800 Managed Project

“World of Difference” has been taking participants on combined cultural, donating and volunteering trips to Cambodia since November 2011.  A particularly important type of tour offered is a schoolies alternative experience.  The initial core intent of the project was to showcase what Rotary is doing in developing countries, and the project crosses several avenues of service including international and new generations.

The project has developed to actually achieve much more than the initial goal.   It has facilitated 14 Rotary Clubs to be involved their own projects in communities in Cambodia, and has changed the direction and focus of many younger adults who have just completed their secondary schooling. It has facilitated over $300,000 donations to Cambodia including building a school and providing water and sanitation to a community of 800 people.  It has provided 2 shipping containers full of donations from Australia.  It has developed a wonderful relationship with the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh and prompted a local Cambodian to join Rotary. He is now integral to the success of World of Difference. 

During the tours we visit schools and village communities in desperate need of water filtration, crops, livestock and bicycles.  At the schools we undertake volunteering and donate school resources and clothing.  Importantly the tours build on the efforts of the previous tours, and projects can be monitored, repairs made or modifications adopted as necessary.

All proceeds are used back for Rotary International projects and of course with a focus on the project’s work in Cambodia. Donations are maximized because Rotarians voluntarily administer the project.