Rotary is an Organisation of ordinary people who do extraordinary things with the aim of making a difference.  Withall work being done by volunteers to ensure 100% of the money donated gets to the communities who need it most.  

In 2012 Rithy Ann a local Cambodian tour guide led RC South Melbourne member Bronwyn Stephens to Bosala after it was devastated by outbreaks of cholera, typhoid, dengue and pneumonia.

Immediately the District 9800 Rotary Club moved into action by providing the village aid with food, clean drinking water and emergency medical treatment and 'World of Difference' was born.

However history shows that providing emergency aid doesn't teach a village to be self sustaining and therefore an action plan was put into place.  This included the help of 8 Rotary Clubs and a Rotary Global Grant .

With the money initally raised 3 fish farm dams were built, each family was given 2 steel watering cans to so they could grow vegetables and rice all year round.  From RC Brighton's member Gerhard Sommer (now deceased) an innovative design for 4000 litre water harvesting system from tin roofs was designed and provided for each family in the community.

In November 2014 a 5 room school was built for 250 local children paid for by a private donor, however word got out and on the first day 800 children arrived to take advantage of the education on offer.  The number has now been whittled down to 500 regualar students.

 Although many objectives have been put into place many more need to be actioned before the village is completely self sustainable.  Therefore a committee of Volunteers has been put into place to ensure these objectives are met. This will be achieved though on going humanitarian tours and child sponsorship for the 500 regular students.